"Rogerthat is a powerful secure mobile company messenger that can be dynamically extended with business process management applications."

Key features of Rogerthat

More than messages

Easy answer buttons, Location sharing, Group messaging and more.


The Rogerthat closed eco-system, built on the strongest encryption standards, deployed in your datacenter, your private cloud or any location you want, delivers a pragmatic BYOD mobility solution that meets any security standard.

Business processes

Business Process Management goes mobile. Integrate with existing systems and access them on the go from now on, or create new BPM applications for mobile only.

Your brand

A messenger branded to your corporate look and feel. No other names then the name the employees work for.

Cross platform

A good BYOD strategy accepts diversity in the workforce. This means that mobile platforms are there to adhere and embrace, but don't worry, we take care of this for you!


All of the above are not isolated applications. Rogerthat bundles them in OneApp™. Your company app.

OneApp™ as the ultimate BYOD strategy

How many apps are you planning to deploy in your BYOD strategy?

Employees in general adhere a BYOD strategy, as they can work with a device of their choice. A company phone in the left pocket and a personal one in the right pocket is something nobody wants. Still this is the reality in many companies.

So BYOD is a good strategy. But it raises many questions. What about security? What about control? What about deployment? These are valid concerns of any IT department out there. We solve all of them using the Rogerthat OneApp™ Enterprise Mobility infrastructure.

OneApp™ branded to your company.
OneApp™ named after your company.
OneApp™ deployed to every employee, with application content customised to every individual.
OneApp™ as the mobile portal to all your backend applications.
Only OneApp™ to deploy.
OneApp™ that can be disabled remotely.
OneApp™ communicating via one highly secured connection to your server infrastructure.
OneApp™ that can be maintained by multiple teams in your organisation, without them having to cooperate.

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