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Some of our excited customers ...

Hyundai Belgium & Luxemburg rolled out 100 Rogerthat applications for each Hyundai dealer in their network. Hyundai drivers can plan car maintenance appointements, contact emergency services, ...
Hyundai dealers can get back to their customers with promotional offers such as winter checkups. If the user is interested he can immediately arrange an appointment linked to the offer.

Voka Oost-Vlaanderen offers a Rogerthat application to their members. Their Rogerthat app allows Voka members to find the right expert in their SOS Voka programme. Voka members can also get more information on upcoming events and trainings and get in contact with the organizers.
Voka members can also choose to get notified about new events and trainings and subscribe for them via the app. After the events and trainings the members are asked for feedback via a survey sent via Rogerthat.

iDalko builds and sells services and products for the Attlassian product family.
iDalko builds upon Rogerthat to create plugins for Jira that extend the Jira functionality to the mobile. A first plugin iDalko plans to ship in the near future is Mobidis. Mobidis will permit Jira users to respond to issues pushed to their mobile app.

Square Melon is a brand activator operating in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and France.
Square Melon uses Rogerthat to support its field force doing promotional activities for Square Melons customers. Field force workers perform administrative actions, get information from the Square Melon helpdesk and get notified about new tasks throughout the day via their Rogerthat app.

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