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Due to a bug in Apple iOS 5, it is not possible for applications to retrieve the state of the hardware mute button on your iPhone 4.

It has been confirmed by Apple that this is indeed not supported.

A workaround to silence the Rogerthat application is to mute your Media Volume as follows:

  1. Mute your ringer sound by toggling the hardware mute switch
  2. Mute your media sound using the following steps
    • Double click your home button
    • Scroll the bottom pane completely to the left
    • Minimize the volume. Check the screenshot

Retrieving the state of the hardware mute button was possible on an iPhone 4 having the iOS 4 operating system.

We asked Apple to reintroduce this functionality in iOS 5 and will include this in the Rogerthat application as soon as the Apple functionality becomes available.

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