Google App Engine development server and Python2.7

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We run the Rogerthat mobile communication platform on top of Google App Engine. Some time ago we upgraded from Python2.5 to Python2.7, which gives us multi-threading and other useful features. However, an annoying bug makes it hard to run the Google App Engine development server on Linux or Mac OS X. When starting up the… Read more »

Hyundai rolls out over 100 Rogerthat mobile services for its dealer network in Belgium and Luxemburg.

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Over one hundred professional car dealers are part of the official Hyundai network in Belgium and Luxembourg. They are trained by Hyundai and well-equipped to provide the best service. The dealer network is well-known for its excellent customer care and outstanding technical skills. Hyundai is planning to extend its customer service to the smartphone. Customers… Read more »

Belgian political party CD&V selects Rogerthat mobile application platform to interact with voters

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English Nederlands (Dutch) Lochristi, 28 augustus. In de aanloop naar de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen van oktober zal de CD&V zijn mobiele campagne voeren via het Rogerthat communicatieplatform. Deze smartphone technologie werd integraal in Vlaanderen ontwikkeld en is aan zijn opmars bezig binnen Europa en in de Verenigde Staten. Een snel groeiend deel van de bevolking is permanent… Read more »

World’s first "multiple choice messaging" platform launched

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Rogerthat platform enables business process automation through rich mobile interactions Press release:  English (PDF)  –  Deutsch (PDF)  –  Fran├žais (PDF)  –  Nederlands (PDF) Ghent, Belgium – May 10, 2012 – Mobicage NV, a mobile communications start-up, has released Rogerthat, an innovative platform aimed at revolutionising communication and process automation via smartphones and tablets. The app and cloud based service use a unique… Read more »

Car Dealer Audi NAM Zuid Gent selects Rogerthat platform for improved customer service

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Car dealer Audi NAM Zuid selects the Rogerthat platform to improve its customer service through smartphone-based appointment scheduling, service planning and sales interaction. For some time Audi NAM Zuid was thinking about using the smartphone for extending its customer service and after-sales offering. However, building a dedicated smartphone app seemed complicated and expensive, since it… Read more »

Multiple Choice Messaging

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Bart is one ofthe 5 participants iPhone Carl sends a questionwith predefined answer buttons Android iPhone Android The Rogerthat Platform is well known for its structured, interactive, and automated communication between organizations and persons. It is very simple to design and run communication flows to your audience. These can be quizzes, polls, service reminders, questionnaires,… Read more »

How to mute Rogerthat sound on iPhone 4 / iOS 5

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Due to a bug in Apple iOS 5, it is not possible for applications to retrieve the state of the hardware mute button on your iPhone 4. It has been confirmed by Apple that this is indeed not supported. A workaround to silence the Rogerthat application is to mute your Media Volume as follows: Mute… Read more »

Processing iPhone or iPad Crash Reports

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When iPhone or iPad apps crash, you typically see crash information such as This crash information can be found in XCode – Organizer – Device Logs. These crash reports are pretty unusable unless you “symbolicate” them. Here is a small tutorial on how to do this: Build your iPhone app using Build and Archive in… Read more »

Hestia Managed Services selects Rogerthat Platform to automate alerting and escalation workflows

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Hestia Managed Services is the market leader for ICT infrastructure maintenance and hosting services in Belgium. Hestia offers 24/7 secure network and server monitoring, health checking, fault resolution and problem escalation services, managed from the Hestia Shared Service Centre. Hestia has a large on-call workforce which is responsible for monitoring and managing the ICT infrastructure… Read more »