Mobicage launches a community version of Rogerthat supporting cities that want to be smarter

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The Rogerthat technology enables multiple organisations to build OneApp™ for their common audience. The big advantage of this approach is that the users get a very rich App on their phone which they can use to communicate with the individual organisations. Applied to cities, this results in OneApp™ that carries the name of the city… Read more »

DJ-Matic adds 5000 apps to the Rogerthat platform to provide mobile services for its customers.

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DJ-Matic, the leading music infrastructure provider for the HORECA in Belgium and the Netherlands, joins forces with Rogerthat to provide personalized mobile services with the aim of raising the HORECA experience of its almost 5000 customers to a new dimension. In DJ-Matic circles people are talking about a true HORECA (r)evolution. The goal is to… Read more »

Launch of Rogerthat Resto

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Rogerthat Resto – The Restaurant Customer Service Platform. What is Rogerthat Resto? It’s a mobile app – not just that but for a restaurants it’s a whole customer service platform With heart and energy we have created a simple product that allows businesses to create their own mobile app ‘in no time’. Unlike most alternatives… Read more »

Reach your customers via the brand new Broadcast center

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To quickly reach your customers/users/subscribers, you used to use e-mail services, which allowed you to send for example newsletters or electronic advertisements to all subscribed users. These electronic newsletters were sometimes not readable by the users, so a small percentage of your user base was not reached at all. Instead of the hassle with electronic… Read more »

Interview by Informa with Hyundai about Rogerthat

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Informa is an international business in the media sector and listed on the London Stock Exchange. They provide knowledge and information via some of the world’s most respected and longest standing brands. Businesses, professionals and academics worldwide turn to Informa for unparalleled knowledge, up-to-the minute information and highly specialist skills and services. Recently Hyundai equiped… Read more »

Hyundai dealers excited about their new mobile communication channel via Rogerthat

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Yesterday Hyundai BeLux held a dealer meeting for 75 French speaking dealers in Belgium and Luxemburg. One of the topics at the dealer meeting was the introduction of the Rogerthat smartphone services Hyundai BeLux is providing for each of the Hyundai dealers in Belgium and Luxemburg. Jan Van Haver, After Sales Manager at Hyundai BeLux,… Read more »

Belgian political party CD&V selects Rogerthat mobile application platform to interact with voters

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English Nederlands (Dutch) Lochristi, 28 augustus. In de aanloop naar de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen van oktober zal de CD&V zijn mobiele campagne voeren via het Rogerthat communicatieplatform. Deze smartphone technologie werd integraal in Vlaanderen ontwikkeld en is aan zijn opmars bezig binnen Europa en in de Verenigde Staten. Een snel groeiend deel van de bevolking is permanent… Read more »

World’s first "multiple choice messaging" platform launched

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Rogerthat platform enables business process automation through rich mobile interactions Press release:  English (PDF)  –  Deutsch (PDF)  –  Français (PDF)  –  Nederlands (PDF) Ghent, Belgium – May 10, 2012 – Mobicage NV, a mobile communications start-up, has released Rogerthat, an innovative platform aimed at revolutionising communication and process automation via smartphones and tablets. The app and cloud based service use a unique… Read more »

Car Dealer Audi NAM Zuid Gent selects Rogerthat platform for improved customer service

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Car dealer Audi NAM Zuid selects the Rogerthat platform to improve its customer service through smartphone-based appointment scheduling, service planning and sales interaction. For some time Audi NAM Zuid was thinking about using the smartphone for extending its customer service and after-sales offering. However, building a dedicated smartphone app seemed complicated and expensive, since it… Read more »