Reach your customers via the brand new Broadcast center

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To quickly reach your customers/users/subscribers, you used to use e-mail services, which allowed you to send for example newsletters or electronic advertisements to all subscribed users. These electronic newsletters were sometimes not readable by the users, so a small percentage of your user base was not reached at all. Instead of the hassle with electronic… Read more »

Google App Engine development server and Python2.7

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We run the Rogerthat mobile communication platform on top of Google App Engine. Some time ago we upgraded from Python2.5 to Python2.7, which gives us multi-threading and other useful features. However, an annoying bug makes it hard to run the Google App Engine development server on Linux or Mac OS X. When starting up the… Read more »

Performing remote API calls in a reliable way.

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I just finished coding a new version of Mobidick. This is a sample Rogerthat service which our customers use to try out & test drive our messaging APIs. I use some elegant and new techniques to perform API calls in a very reliable way. I’m pretty pleased with the result, so felt like blogging about… Read more »

Accessing the Rogerthat API from mono.

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Peter Grypdonck from TechShore.EU today reported that he could not access the Rogerthat API through the opensource .NET API stubs from his ubuntu 11.10. After some digging Peter discovered the root cause of the problem. The Rogerthat SSL certificate was not trusted by his mono installation. He resolved the problem by executing certmgr -ssl… Read more »

How to mute Rogerthat sound on iPhone 4 / iOS 5

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Due to a bug in Apple iOS 5, it is not possible for applications to retrieve the state of the hardware mute button on your iPhone 4. It has been confirmed by Apple that this is indeed not supported. A workaround to silence the Rogerthat application is to mute your Media Volume as follows: Mute… Read more »

Processing iPhone or iPad Crash Reports

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When iPhone or iPad apps crash, you typically see crash information such as This crash information can be found in XCode – Organizer – Device Logs. These crash reports are pretty unusable unless you “symbolicate” them. Here is a small tutorial on how to do this: Build your iPhone app using Build and Archive in… Read more »