About Rogerthat

Rogerthat is a platform for automating communication between organizations and people, using rich, interactive messages on a smartphone or on a PC.

The Rogerthat Platform can be used in a large number of automation scenarios, such as field force automation, emergency communication, interactive data gathering, alerting of on call personnel, rich interaction with readers of printed magazines or ads, and many more.

Rogerthat invented an innovative and user-friendly way to facilitate interactive communication on smartphones, tablets or desktops. Using the graphical Message Flow Designer, non-technical users can automate communication flows such as questionnaires, contests, invitations, support workflows, notifications, news flashes, deals of the day, … and get detailed reports on how recipients responded. For advanced usage or integration with preexisting backend systems, a rich programming API is available.

Rogerthat has been acquired by Green IT Globe in 2016 and is part of a group of companies delivering IT as Energy.

Mobicage’s Headquarters are based in Ghent in Belgium.