This quick starter guide will show you how to:

  • Install the Rogerthat Messenger app on your smartphone
  • Set up your own Rogerthat communication flows
  • Create your own Rogerthat home screen
  • Create your own look and feel
  • Create your own QR code and link it to your Rogerthat service
  • Show off to your colleagues and friends

Registration screen

Account setup

  1. Install the Rogerthat Messenger app on your iPhone or Android smartphone:
  2. Start the Rogerthat Messenger app on your smartphone and create a new user account:
    • Option 1: register using your Facebook account.
      Note: Rogerthat will not post messages on your Facebook Wall.
    • Option 2: register using your e-mail address.
      You will receive an e-mail containing your 4-digit activation code, which you have to enter in the app.
  3. Once you are registered, go to the Services tab and play around with the Rogerthat Demo to feel the power of the Rogerthat communication platform.
  4. Now let’s create your own service. Tap the Services tab and select Your service here. Tap Get free trial and go through the screens.
  5. You will receive an e-mail containing your personal login information:
    an email address similar to and a password (if you don’t receive an e-mail, check the spam folder).

Log in to your Service Control Panel

  1. On your computer browse to using the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Enter your login information at the top-right of the screen. Use the trial service e-mail address and password that was mailed to you.
    Login boxes
  3. Select service panel menu option Edit profile if you wan’t to change your password or the profile picture.

Your first message flow

Service panel menu

The screenshot on the left shows the various service panel menu options.

Message flow

Let us now create a message flow and experience it on your smartphone:

  • Select service panel menu option Message flows and click Open designer at top right of the screen
  • Load the Sample message flow – You are now in the drag and drop Message Flow Designer. In the Properties pane on the left, enter your the e-mail address you used to install the Rogerthat Messenger app on your smartphone. If you do not know which address you used, check the Profile page in the app (under More or Settings).
  • Click now on the Try button to testdrive the message flow. You will experience it on your smartphone

Congratulations – you designed and ran your first Rogerthat message flow

Customize message look and feel

Easyguide BrandingLet us now add some look and feel to your service:

  • Close the message flow designer if it is still open
  • Download this sample “screen branding template” which describes the look and feel for a message or a service page
  • Select service panel menu option Screen branding
  • Enter a description, select the .zip file that you just downloaded and press Upload
  • Your template will now appear in the list. Check the screenshot on the right
  • Click Preview to get an idea how you branding will be rendered on a phone

Now go back to the Message Flow Designer by selecting menu option Message flows:

  • Click Open designer on top-right of the screen and select the sample message flow
  • Change the Message settings of the first message and change the Branding. The dropdown should show the branding you just uploaded. Do the same for the other messages in the flow. Note: scroll horizontally by pressing shift + rolling the mouse wheel.
  • Press Save and Try
  • On your phone you will walk through the flow but the messages will be full-screen branded

Congratulations – you just created your first graphically rich message flow

Create your home screen

We will now create a mobile service menu for your service. This is the entry point from which users will consult your service and start actions.

  • Select service panel menu option Service menu
  • Press Edit at top-right for edit the information of the Identity
    • Choose your branding in the Branding dropdown
    • Optionally add your Service phone number – start with “+” and your country code
  • Click on one of the question mark Empty items. Select an icon, enter “Test” for Menu label and enter “mytag” for Poke tag. Select the action “Start flow” and select the flow Sample Message Flow. Press Save
    • Note: we will not use the poke tag for now. It is used for tracking who clicked on which item in your app, or for advanced Rogerthat integrations.
  • The Rogerthat app on your phone will automatically be updated in the coming minute. Go to the Services tab in the app and select your service. You will see your service menu. Try the phone call button. Try pressing the Test icon.

Congratulations – you just created your first
service menu home screen and action button

Service menu

Create a QR code

QR code list

We will now create a QR code which is linked to your message flow:

  • Select service panel menu option Service menu
  • Press Edit at top-right for edit the information of the Identity
    • Write description This is a very cool service
    • Select a Description branding
    • Press Save
  • Select service panel menu option My QR codes:
    • Click Create new QR code at the top-right
    • Choose description Get help, choose tag mytag and choose Start flow
    • Click Create
    • The QR code appears in the list. Click on the QR code image to magnify
  • On your smartphone select the Scan tab and scan the QR code that is displayed on your computer screen. The message flow will start on your phone.

Congratulations – you created a Rogerthat QR code. When scanned, a message flow starts automatically

Production deployment

For a production deployment, you should not use Mobidick, but have your own web application server hosted on the internet. You will need to write code. Please check out the developer documentation for further information.