Rogerthat, the customer service platform.

OneApp™ to get and provide customer service.

Apps are a way for organisations to improve customer service, remain top of mind, distinguish themselves to competitors. But there are some problems:

  • People are offered so many customer service related apps, they start ignoring them.
  • Most types of businesses do not require a constant feed of communication, so convincing the customer to install an app to be used a couple of times a year is hard.
  • Getting an app that really fits your business, with your needs is either hard or very expensive, as app-builders need to make sure your app runs on the different mobile platforms out there (iOS, Android, …).

The reasons above point out why some many apps have such a short lifetime.

These are the problems we solve with the Rogerthat customer service platform. The OneApp™ approach makes it very convenient for the user to stay in touch with its numerous suppliers that service him through the Rogerthat app.

Individual pricing

€50,-/month   That’s it!

Group pricing

If you are an umbrella organisation delivering to many individual businesses or you want to provide your customers in a specific vertical with a personalised customer service solution through Rogerthat.

Setup and integration services

If you need help integrating Rogerthat with your backoffice systems, you can rely on our in house experts.
We have technical experts as well as business and communication experts that will asure an optimal experience for your users and will maximize the reach of your mobile application.