Rogerthat Enterprise

OneApp™ Enterprise Mobility


Using mobile apps to automate tasks and processes in large corporations is still in its infancy. Many companies are starting just now to automate certain processes using employee tablets and smartphones. A simple calculation learns us that offering a holiday planner on the employee smartphone can save a company of 10.000 employees over €500.000,- per year. The danger here is that a company might invest in the development a point solution for one single use case, without thinking upfront about deployment, scalability, security, training, platforms, upgrades.


Deployment remains the largest problem for most companies. Helping employees install or upgrade a mobile app is time consuming and expensive. If you need to support your employees each time there is an update or an new application is introduced, the win you get by making things mobile quickly turns into a loss. The same reasoning applies to training, unless all your mobile apps work very similarly. Also, there is a large number of ever-evolving mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone. You can win most if you implement a good BYOD strategy, but then supporting all those platforms again rises development costs. In the end automating processes using custom mobile development, remains pretty complex and time consuming.

This is now changing with Rogerthat Enterprise


Rogerthat Enterprise is a piece of infrastructure that simplifies development, deployment, training and security problems compared to a traditional approach. Rogerthat Enterprise consists of one single app for your company, which can be extended by the various departments, building their mobile solutions inside the “company employees app”.

The employees install the OneApp™ on their mobile phone. The app is automatically enriched with functionality based on the employee role or interests. When an enterprise department releases a new solution or solution update, this is automatically pushed to the employee OneApp™, without requiring any action by the employee.

A user-friendly drag & drop visual designer can be used to build solutions inside the OneApp™. Rich UIs can be built using standard HTML5. Mobile solutions can be integrated with (existing) company backend applications using an extensive API.

Out of the Box

Hands on editing tools

Rogerthat Enterprise is extremely powerful, and very easy to expand! It benefits from the rich API features of the Rogerthat platform on which it is built. Integration can be carried out by your own staff or regular integrator, or simply call upon our experts to interface your systems with your mobile services in your OneApp™.


No more company app chaos

Applied to Enterprise Mobility, our Rogerthat technology prevents a mobile app chaos inside companies as employees only need to install 1 app while the different organisations inside the company can seamlessly push the right mobile solutions into the hands of the employee. The Rogerthat technology stack, built on Google App Engine, can be hosted in the cloud or by the company itself on top of AppScale Systems.